Omni Health

About Us

We are specialists in healthcare AI technologies.

From administration tasks like booking an appointment to co-creating valuable solutions that streamline the demands upon healthcare, we have delivered. We will provide real-time evidence-based data driven solutions that replace the effort of human repetition. Results can be explained. Appointments can be booked. Doctors can make better use of their time. We are here to utilise health information and improve healthcare system so that people can live better.

How Omni Health works for you.

Omni Health provides effective solutions for patients to access healthcare at any time and with the reassurance that their family physician has authorised and is aware of their contact. Our professional data scientists, medical professionals and business technologists design, build and propagate affordable solutions for healthcare services. When computers were introduced, businesses readiness propelled visions of healthcare forward. We are the visionaries for Healthcare AI. Why not share your problems with us?

Assessment of Your Business Services
Design APIs for your patient management application (e.g. EMIS, Vision, etc) and your telephony provider.
Personalise a Solution
We will personalise Omni Health Apps and User-Interface to align with your practice.
Review Delivery
We will provide live support to practices to perfect processes.
Growth of Business
The use of these tools will make your business more efficient and responsive to customer needs.

We follow all the code and conducts sets out by NHS so we can ensure patients can benefit from not just the best new technology, but also the safest and most secure.

Omni Health