A new approach to shape global healthcare

Artificial Intelligent (AI) in healthcare mainly refers to doctors and hospitals accessing vast data sets of potentially life-saving information. This includes treatment methods and their outcomes, survival rates, and speed of care gathered across millions of patients, geographical locations, and innumerable and sometimes interconnected health conditions. New computing power can detect and analyse large and small trends from the data and even make predictions through machine learning that's designed to identify potential health outcomes.

Machine learning uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to "learn" with incoming data and to identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human direction.

For example, Omni Health is using AI technology to track changes in behavioural patterns and activity to predict health issues early stage of its infection.

AI adoption in healthcare is increasing every day, with an increased focus on improving patient care quality through the use of artificial intelligence in various aspects of healthcare services, such as virtual assistants and surgeries. The AI-based technologies, such as clinical decision support systems and voice recognition software, help streamline hospital workflow procedures, and optimize medical care, thus improving patient experience. Incorporating AI into healthcare has multiple advantages for both patients and healthcare providers. AI, such as, allows personalized treatment, based on health conditions and past medical history. In addition, AI-based software can be used for continuous health monitoring, which in effect can ensure prompt care and treatment and may ultimately decrease hospital stay. On the other hand, medical practitioners ‘unwillingness to adopt new technology, a drastic lack of predetermined and uniform regulatory guidelines, a shortage of curated health care data and data privacy issues impede the market’s potential to attain higher grounds.

Application for patient management to see significant growth in the market with significant pace in coming years as successful patient management is one of the most important needs for hospital facilities.

We are aiming to build its unique product from the scratches to ensure quality, performance and nourishing the long-lasting relationships with our clients. Also, we are aiming to become a leader of AI driven intelligence solution for global healthcare industries in next couple of years.

ABM Rubel
Founder CEO,
Omni Health Ltd