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Omni Health has developed a speech-based patient administration platform that has been added in-line to the phone service of Omni Medical Centre our pilot test site. Our virtual assistant Alex Bot a mobile apps already in used by the Omni Medical Centre’s registered patients.
Call-in natural speech
Understands patient’s concerns
Document conversations in patient management systems
Triage healthcare concerns
Focusing on healthcare rather than administration

Straightening the way for every patient’s perfect journey

We all want to know our loved ones have the highest quality healthcare available to them at all times, provided by the most organised and connected technologies that make them feel valued and respected. Everything should just work the way it was meant to, so we can all live better without stressing. Omni Health working to straightening the way for every patient’s perfect journey.

Streamlining Access to and Delivery of Primary Care

The current state of the global health care sector; explores trends and issues impacting health care providers, governments, other payers, and patients; and suggests considerations for stakeholders as they seek to deliver high-quality, cost-efficient, smart health care. Omni Health is now building partnerships with the NHS to link this technology to multiple different sources of data and systems.

Omni Health will connect Medical Centre’s patients to primary healthcare seamlessly, using the technology to enable better use of time, space and resources, creating more efficiency and capacity in the system. With the background of a viral pandemic, we will also transform the way patients enter, utilise and leave healthcare premises, safely and in an organised manner.

Streamlining Access to and Delivery of Primary Care

The health and care system faces significant challenges to restoring services, not only in hospitals, but also in social care, primary care, mental health and community-based services. By harnessing the IoT, Omni Health will connect many smart technologies together to streamline access to healthcare. Omni Health here will work with NHS to restoring services during the ongoing risk from Covid-19, to achieve both recovery and renewal. In recent months, out teams have demonstrated remarkable resilience and dedication to deliver the Covid-19 Symptom Checker apps to best possible advice to its users.
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