Omni Health
Applying AI to Create Healthcare Solutions

The World’s First AI Solution To Triaging In Primary Healthcare

Introducing OMNI HEALTH

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Intelligent Solutions For Healthcare Systems.

Omni Health is the world’s first artificial intelligence solution to streamline administration and triaging in primary healthcare. Eventually, our system that can improve and monitor health and wellbeing twenty-four hours a day for public health, primary, secondary and emergency care in any language in any geography, that is more user-friendly, current and adaptive for any provider on the planet.

Our mission is to make your healthcare delivery more impactful, conversational, valuable and lasting.

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Meet Our Team.

Individually we are exceptional but together we are unpredictable.

ABM Rubel

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Faisal H. Almegren

Co-Founder, Head of Cyber Security

Yousif Alqurshi

Co-Founder, Head of Business Development

Abdulaziz Almegren

Co-Founder, Product Development Manager

Asif Faysal

Co-Founder, UX/UI Manager

Abi Gardner

Client Engagement Manager

Our Products


  • Developing the UK’s first Smart NHS GP Surgery with Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity. Straightening the way for every patient’s perfect journey.
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  • AI integration into NHS Primary Healthcare. Sagittarius is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence solution to streamline administration ​ & triaging in NHS​ primary healthcare.​
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  • Circinus is healthcare an ERP Solutions. It made up of an integrated suite of business modules, CRM, Accounting, Billing, Financial Management.​
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Omni Health